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Every day I ferry school children in my Tata Magic and I can confidently say that this is one of the best of the Tata Motors passenger vehicles available. We have to travel at 2 pm in the hot summer days with school children and we do not feel the heat because of the spacious nature of the vehicle. I think the Tata Magic has done wonders as a commercial passenger vehicle because of the comfort it gives not only to its passengers but its driver also.

Mr. Surya Kumar,
Kannur, Kerela

Mr. K. PalaniI am happy about the performance of Magic. I run the vehicle for about 13 hours a day. My passengers and I find it safe and comfortable. I don't have any back ache driving Magic, autos are difficult to drive continuously. Magic has seen welcome from passengers too.

Mr. K. Palani,
Thiruverriyur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Anil KumarI purchased two Tata Magic vehicles in 2009. Both vehicles have covered more than 130,000 kms each. I have seen good profits from Magic compared to other vehicles. I spend very little time in maintenance. I am satisfied with Tata Magic, I am thinking of buying my third Magic very soon.

Mr. Anil Kumar,
Ranchi, Jharkhand

I have been driving Tata Magic for the last 6 months. After completing studies, I was searching for a job. Then together with a friend of mine, I purchased Magic, and started earning from the very first day. I can now confidently say that Tata Magic is the best vehicle.

Mr. Pravin Ramdas Farad,
Village- Khutalpara, Maharashtra

I sold my previous 3 wheeler auto and purchased Magic. I have been driving Magic for the last 1 year. I get around Rs. 20,000 per month and the maintenance expenses are also minimal. I am very happy with the vehicle and always recommend Tata Magic to all my friends.

Mr. Anil Tolu Patil,
Village- Apti, Maharashtra

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