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Will Magic Iris give mileage as much as my current Auto?

Magic Iris has a technically advanced Engine which consumes less fuel despite being more powerful. At the same time the bigger radial tyres of Magic Iris helps in lowering the fuel consumption as bigger tyres cover more distance per revolution. Under standard conditions, Magic Iris's approved mileage by ARAI is 33.1 kmpl which is at par with any other 3 wheeler. The mileage of an auto drops significantly on overload conditions which will not be true for Magic Iris as it has much powerful Engine supported with strong gear box and axle.

Will I be able to carry as many passengers in Magic Iris as I do in my current 3 wheeler?

Magic Iris has 28% more interior space than a shared 3 wheeler, hence has enough space to seat as many or even more passengers as compared to any shared 3 wheeler. There is also a separate luggage space at the back and provision for roof carrier to accommodate the extra luggage requirements, thus ensuring comfortable passenger seating.

Will I be able to drive and turn Magic Iris in narrow city lanes?

Magic Iris has a small turning circle radius of 3.5 meters, hence it can be easily turned in any type of narrow lanes. In addition the Steering Wheel makes it far more convenient to maneuver and give direction to the vehicle. In all, Magic Iris can be driven with comfort in narrow and congested lanes.

How will be the maintenance expense in Magic Iris?

Tata Magic Iris has stronger and technically advanced aggregates (Engine, Gear Box, Clutch, Axles, Brakes etc) which are long lasting thus needs less maintenance. Also Magic Iris has a service interval of 10,000 kms which results in fewer visits to workshop and hence more savings. Lesser visits to workshop also means more time for business.

Isn't the tyre of Magic Iris smaller as compared to its body? Won't my vehicle get damaged from below when it is driven on uneven road with potholes and high bumps?

Magic Iris has 12" radial tyres as big as that of any other 4 wheelers like Tata Magic or ACE and which is also bigger than any other vehicle in its segment. This allows Magic Iris to ply on any type of road conditions. Good ground clearance of Iris prevents its underbody from any damage. This helps Magic Iris to be driven on all kinds of uneven roads with potholes and bumps.

Will I be able to overtake other vehicles like 3 wheelers? Will I be able to ply the vehicle for longer distances?

Magic Iris is technically an advanced and powerful vehicle in its category. Its water cooled single cylinder Engine of 611 cc capacity delivers power of 11 HP @ 3000 rpm and torque of 31 Nm @ 1600-1800 rpm. This powerful Engine coupled with smooth gears, efficient braking and big 12 inch tyres gives it a good pick up making it suitable for longer and more trips.

Is the front suspension of Magic Iris as strong as that of other 4-wheelers?

Yes. At the front side, Magic Iris has independent MacPherson strut suspension with double acting hydraulic shock absorbers which is similar in nature to a Car suspension. This is strong enough to carry 3-4 passengers comfortably while providing a car like smooth ride to the driver and the passengers.

What is the service interval for this vehicle?

For proper upkeep of Magic Iris, we recommend servicing after every 10,000 kms. For the first three services, labour is free and service intervals are as follows:

  • 1st Free Service: 10,000 kms or 4 months, whichever is earlier
  • 2nd Free Service: 20,000 kms or 8 months, whichever is earlier
  • 3rd Free Service: 30,000 kms or 12 months, whichever is earlier
  • Engine oil change, Oil filter change, Fuel filter change- 10,000 kms
  • Air filter change- 30,000 kms
  • Transaxle oil change, Coolant change, Greasing in front hub and wheel play adjustment, TMC overhaul - 40,000 kms
How will buying a Magic Iris increase my savings?

Magic Iris has several advantages over the conventional 3 wheelers which will help you in maximizing your savings.

  1. Magic Iris has a technically advanced 611 cc Engine which produces high power of 11 HP @ 3000 rpm and high torque of 31 Nm @ 1600-1800 rpm. More power results in more speed which means that you can make more number of trips per day and directly increase your earnings. High torque ensures that you can use the vehicle on all types of roads including inclines.
  2. The Engine is also water cooled which means you can easily run the vehicle for more hours and over longer distances without the need of stopping the vehicle in between for cooling the engine. This is the case with other 3 wheelers having air cooled engines.
  3. It has been provided with a seating provision of 2+1+D, 3+D or 4+D, so you can now legally take more passengers per trip.
  4. Magic Iris has a fully closed body made of strong steel sheets to give it long life and high resale values even after many years.
  5. As we have already seen, with its better technology and bigger wheels, it gives you superior mileage.
  6. Magic Iris is a stylish and spacious 4 wheeler. With an attractive styling and 4 beautiful colours, it is sure to be a head turner on roads. With more space and comfortable interiors, it will surely be the passengers' first preference and will get filled up faster at stands. Also due to the enhanced safety and interior space of Magic Iris, parents are likely to prefer Magic Iris over other 3 wheelers for their child's school travel. The vehicle will also find application as a rented vehicle for marriage functions and pilgrimages due to its stylish looks, thereby giving you more opportunity for business.
  7. There is a separate space for keeping extra luggage at the back. Also there is provision to fit a roof carrier on top. So now you need not compromise on seating space.
  8. Along with the low maintenance Engine, Magic Iris also has other reliable aggregates like synchromesh gearbox, single plate dry friction diaphragm type Clutch and strong gear and clutch cables which are robustly designed to have long life and need very less maintenance. Magic Iris needs only 5 scheduled visits to the workshop in first 50000 kms. Engine oil change and regular scheduled servicing requirements are also less frequent than other 3 wheelers, thus significantly reducing your spending on maintenance. ...more
What are the advantages of Magic Iris over other 3 wheelers?

Apart from the primary advantage of having higher earnings with Magic Iris as compared to other 3 wheelers, Magic Iris also gives you many other benefits which you will not get in other 3 wheelers.

  • Like a contemporary passenger car, Magic Iris has a comfortable bucket type and adjustable driver seat with high backrest and broad cushion and a steering wheel to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable driving. Other features to add to your comfort are wide doors, comfortable passenger seats with thick cushions and high backrest, foot operated Accelerator, Brake and Clutch (ABC) pedals, easy to use dashboard mounted gear shift lever, clear instrument panels showing vehicle details, sun visor, a lockable glove box for keeping important documents and a stylish dashboard with provision for mobile charger and music system.

  • It has car like independent MacPherson strut suspension at the front and coil spring with semi trailing arm type configuration at the rear. The shock absorbers are hydraulic double acting type. This strong suspension absorbs all the bumps and gives you a car like smooth journey even on rough roads. Also Magic Iris has a cable operated synchromesh gearbox and H-type gear shift arrangement which ensures smoother gear shifting than the constant mesh gear box which is used by other 3 wheelers.

  • The vehicle has a closed steel body with hard top. Side covers have been provided on the windows to make it safe and all weather proof. The strong body also satisfies the Static Roll Over norms as required by ARAI. A big windshield at the front with motorized wiper gives you a wide and clear view of the road ahead and powerful head lamps and tail lamps gives you better visibility in rains and at night.

  • Magic Iris has an attractive styling. Fully covered steel body, large windshield glass at front, glass windows with side covers, big and clear lens headlamps and tail lamps all give it a car like stylish look on the road. The interiors are also attractive with a stylish dashboard, dashboard mounted gear shift lever and instrument panel.

In a nutshell, apart from being a passenger carrier vehicle, Magic Iris also gives you the benefits of owning a personal car for you and your family while raising your status in society.

Magic Iris has an engine at the rear while its bigger sibling Magic has engine at its front. Will there be any drawback of this?

Every vehicle has its own Engine design depending on the desired vehicle performance and space considerations. While in Tata Magic, the front placed engine gives excellent reliable performance, Magic Iris' engine has also been designed to give high performance keeping in mind the vehicle performance requirements and passenger comfort. While keeping the engine at the rear, all concerns regarding noise, vibration and engine cooling have been considered & addressed comprehensively. ARAI tests also show that, the NVH (Noise Vibration and Harshness) levels for Magic Iris are much less than that of a 3 wheeler. As far as the Engine cooling requirements are concerned, Magic Iris has a water cooled engine which has been tested thoroughly for satisfactory performance. Hence though the engine is bigger and more powerful than other 3 wheeler engines, the cooling requirements are easily met by the use of a radiator. This allows you to drive Magic Iris for more hours and over longer distances without the need of stopping in between to cool the engine. Also this keeps the overall temperature of the engine aggregate parts low thereby enhancing their performance and life.


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